The Winged Jaguar, Flying to the Sun, represents the power of a strong and bright personality, its dignity, flexibility, beauty, and the pursuit of the Divine ideal.
Live your life in the present. Music and lyrics by Vasily Goncharov


I love u. Music and lyrics by Spleen





In the meadows with frogs ingesting the dew,
Hiding in the humid morning comfort,
I'll tread quietly on the tree crust and grass,
By the noon to be already sonorous and loud.

When you wake up, I’ll be in your hair,
On the shoulders, your nose, toes, and heel...
No need to pull the blanket and pillows -
It is useless to play hide and seek!

Open your eyes and your hearts to the sunshine,
Light, and life – such a simple and good-humored trick!
"To be, or not to be" - isn’t the question! I have learnt it:
That I was, that I am, and, of course, I will be!

Smile! - Inside everyone there’s the Sun and the Lord!
I’m leaving for the power station to charge all its batteries,
Then to grow the huge peas in the close by cornfield
And make crawl golden snakes on the waters.

And there’s still much urgent work in the world.
And you shouldn’t be important to be of importance:
Important - not to succeed, but complete everything -
To make your soaring high, and your gliding - even.

                                                       Var Vara Skavara




Institute of the Sun is a new form of the world spiritual perception, a special type of human's attitude to the world and oneself, based on the belief in God and the Divine Forces. 


Why Institute? - Because our whole life is study and research, and the Institute represents precisely educational activities and research of man.


Institute of the Sun is a metaphor of our life in which we come to learn and have fun, joy, bliss, and, eventually, happiness. After all, how great it is… when everything in life is the way you want, and you know how to achieve it!


Why the Sun? - Because it represents the source of life, light, creation, and the Divine.
Of course, a man, strongly influenced by so fashionable now skepticism, and rather critical in obtaining diverse information, can be confused by the connection between Knowledge, God, and Divine entities, which are symbolized by the sun. Nothing wrong! For him - there are other sources, beliefs, convictions, and web sites...


Eras, civilizations, dynasties, empires, or, simply, the times… have been changing... However, since Tengriism, polytheism, idolatry, and pagan theology, and to modern religions, sects, pantheism and moral and ethical teachings, one thing has always remained constant and dominant - it is faith in God, a symbol of which is the sun! Voltaire was right and, no wonder, that Albert Einstein was fond of repeating his following words, "Si Dieu n'existait pas, il faudrait l'inventer"! Einstein also said that "If something is in me which can be called religious then it is the unbounded admiration for the structure of the world so far as our science can reveal it.”


Why is there a need for a mediator if we can communicate directly with the Almighty and Supreme Powers, and not afterwards, not in the afterlife, not in the next incarnation, and so on.., but here and now, in the world and in the Aquarius Age! And it's so easy! So easy just to read the prayers of the Aquarius Age and believe in what you are reading! Perhaps you can read other, own, prayers... The main thing is that they would address the Almighty, loving all of us so much, regardless of our beliefs and religions, and that inside there be the belief in God, in the structure of the world created by him, and in the effectiveness of the prayers... And all the questions and aspirations will be answered in the soul and real life; but to achieve this one should observe certain "formalism", i. e. moral norms, behaviors and activities aimed at establishing a special relationship with these Forces: 

  • contact God and the Higher Powers directly through reading prayers daily;
  • respect beliefs of others (provided that these beliefs are not of misanthropic nature);
  • be committed to pursuit of justice and truth, to personal moral development and doing good;
  • teach others only by own example.

The new era of the Aquarian Age has its own laws, rules, system, and order; own goals, objectives, targets and challenges... And who knows what they are? - Only we and our souls, which, thanks to God, know everything!


And what's new in this understanding of the world? - This is something everyone should define independently! One thing is clear: the truth and the future belong to those who are powerful in mercy and gracious in power!


In other words:




Eduard Asadov

Equirhythmic translation by Em Rostverg
Cherish your happiness, please, cherish it!
Notice, take it, and rejoice at it…
At the sunrise, rainbows, shiny eyes’ stars -
Meant for you, for you, and all of us.
Having heard a word that sent your heart aflutter-
Just rejoice at it and don’t demand another.
Stop chasing time. There’s no need.
You just rejoice at this, at this, at this!
How long is the song destined to continue?
Can everything in the world be repeated?
Elms over a slope, the bullfinch, the leaf in a stream...
Will it happen another time at least?
On the boulevard, poplars’ glowing candles
Illuminate the evening happenings.
Rejoice at it and nothing will be spoiling
The hope, the love, and long-awaited meeting!
The thunder pounds by a celestial big cannon.
Rain, rain! It freckles puddles.
It twists and dances, hits the pavement -
A heavy rain of walnut dimensions.
And if this miracle so easily to miss,
How shall we go on to live and breathe?
And everything that didn’t touch your heart,
Will never come to you again and back!
Ailments and quarrels you forever leave,
Even in the old age - forget about it.
Try to get rid of them straight away.
Let these "charms" forever pass away.
Let just skeptics mutter biliously till death.
But you don’t believe these spiteful men!
Even if they burst with envy once,
Joy at home the evil eyes won’t ever have!
But very, very kind eyes will know
Neither jealousy, nor suffering on their road.
Joy will stretch out its arms to you,
If your heart is bright and pure.
See the beauty in ugly things,
See big rivers in small creeks!
Who knows how to be cheerful on a weekday,
He is really a happy human being!
And all roads and bridges are singing,
Paints of forests and the winds of change,
Stars and birds, all rivers and all creeks:

Cherish your happiness, please, cherish it!





Music and lyrics by Vasily Goncharov
Translated by Var Vara Skavara


- Well..., really, I have a lot in common with my character...
- And if it's not a secret, what exactly, Fedor Sergeyevich (Bondarchuk)?
- Uh..., how to... say it...
Life will pass - before you know it.
It is like with a bullet - don’t miss, blow it. 
About the first love you will remember with a grin,
Like about the fairy tale of the fish with a golden fin.
Do not try to make yourself fall in love.
This does not make sense, just go with the life.
And it is useless to delve into sufferings and superstitions.
When you participate in competitions,
Be the first! Strive to achieve impossible!
Along your life's journey, crooked and unmerciful,
Go with confidence, do not be afraid of traps!
Do not be afraid not to know, dare new starts!
Do not be afraid to live, don’t be shy to ask!
Get everything you want in life, increase your demands!
In difficult moments, do not be afraid to accept help!
Full speed ahead, your boat should not be lost in depths!
Live while the music is being played! Dance!
Like a free bird fly around the world!
And even if you haven’t always luck...
You, adults, always everything regret:
Too bad, that it snows; too bad, that it melts...
Too bad, that instead of a tit, there’s a crane in hands... -
You remain stuck on the same page in your lives!
Adults consciously betray each other,
And tell the children about benefits of the "close others".
In disputes, without recognizing their guilt,
Not children, but adults towards wars our world tilt!
Appreciate each moment, the time, you are trying to bend,
Sooner or later comes to an end!
After all, life is never too long,
Be happy! Be a true friend to all!
Be patient! If you love someone - “spit it”!
Share with your friends a lucky ticket!
Try to stay fair in the games that you play!
And don’t think that, if you are an adult, you’ve got what to say!
Live while the music is being played! Dance!
Like a free bird fly around the world!
And even if you haven’t always luck...
Live while the music is being played! Dance!
Like a free bird fly around the world!
And even if you haven’t always luck...
Live while the music is being played! Dance!
Like a free bird fly around the world!
And even if you haven’t always luck...
- Yura!
Live while the music is being played! Dance!
Like a free bird fly around the world!
And even if you haven’t always luck...
 - What will happen now?
- The main thing is to take off... And then... we will figure out...
Live while the music is being played! Dance!
Like a free bird fly around the world!
And even if you haven’t always luck...
Live while the music is being played! Dance!
Like a free bird fly around the world!
And even if you haven’t always luck... live... 




Music and lyrics by Spleen
Equirhythmic translation by Em Rostverg

Love is one of the strangest feelings.
Love is the navigator, being way off all courses.
Love is a wolf cub, cornered and captured.
Love – it’s being shocked to the very marrow.
Love is the audience going to the exit,
With bulging eyes grinning from ears to ears.
Love – it’s time from tenderness to complete bliss.
Love - is the sun in a cloudy mess.
Love kills outright without flirting,
Love burns cigarettes down to the filters,
Love hates any frontiers,
Love doesn’t care where ours are and where Jerries.
Love appeases the Red and White Armies,
Love is smeared with soot black and snow white,
Love does not follow the trends and fashion
And always slams the door in front of muzzles.
Love is a witch, love is a fairy.
This song is inspired by the love motive.
Love to the eyes opens horizons,
It suggests some good ideas, narrows aortas.

And makes crazy all lovers in the world,
Whispering with love in the silence of the dawn:
"I love you!"

Love is something akin to a fever
And guys are having fits severe,
As if some huge and terrible force
Flattened them and confused their thoughts.
Love is added to wine and whiskey,
To love are prescribed squeals and moans.
Love is one step away from "love" to "blimey"
Love doesn’t care where the cops are and bandits.
Love on the move breaks down its camp,
Turns all bedsheets to Japanese flags,
All children have long become adults,
Hefty and serious, amusing and funny.
All children play adult games.
Love – it’s sizzling needles in the veins.
Love - it is something like a fire,
Where two charred corpses do not have pity
For each other. And without its oath breaking,
Love makes you leave feet first.
Love kicks us higher with its foot
There, where antennas are stuck in the roof.

And where the clouds with love look at you
And, basking in the sun, are writing, "I Love you!
I love you!"

And where the clouds with love look at you
And, basking in the sun, are writing, "I Love you!
I love you!"

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Pictures of the paintings: Sergrei Didyk