Sound track for the painting:

A. Schnittke. Viennese waltz

D. Shostakovich. The Second Waltz. André Rieu


Aroma for the painting:

Rancé. Près de Toi

Taste for the painting:


Dimensions: 80 х 60 cм


A lively spring streamlet


During the celebration of the Happy Easter Creation -
the Miracle of Jesus Christ's Resurrection,
when within 40 days according to the lunar-solar calendar
we feel not sorrow for the loss, but enjoy life and have fun
on the Jesus’ ascent to the blessed Lord’s throne height,
when on the date of death of Saint Mary of Egypt
we celebrate the beauty of her much-deserved and happy end,
when on the Day of Hans Christian Andersen and his fairy-tales
we see his deep wisdom so sharp and endless,
with this gentle and subtle fragrance
of snowdrops and anemones of all shades,
with dripping drops
and drilling trills,
with smoldering-like maceration 
on this shrilly April day
looking forward to the warmth and light 
with faith in magic,
and with love, softening everything,
even the most callously hardened hearts,
musicians are propagated, as well as dreamers, idealists, and...
once I was born -
such a fate of the twists


..."I embrace YOU with music" and spring aromas...

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Pictures of the paintings: Sergrei Didyk