As usual, the name of the cycle renders its very essence…

Why positive? – Because it is an optimistic glance at the world, life, people, and art, with the purpose to construct, to improve, to advance, and to beautify…

Synergism means synthesis, complex comprehension of the world at large and its beliefs, systematic combination of the old and the new, of a long tradition and a daring innovation, of generally accepted and dumbfounding with novelty and unexpectedness… Synergism is a complex delivery of information, including synthesis of the word, music, and visual art.

Positive Synergism is a way to gain knowledge of life through art!

Why are music and aromas needed? – For a more complete rendering of information… Since we know that information (words, colors, sounds, scents, tastes, images, etc.) in real life is transmitted through different channels (verbal, visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, gustatory, etc.) in an integrated way, and the phenomenon of synergism presupposes a multi-dimensional view aimed to produce a simultaneously combined effect on different psychological systems, so that more laconically transmit maximum of information within a single unit of communication. 


Om mani padme hum
The First
The emerald chiming
The final cadences: the birth of Venus - the birth of Love and Beauty
Circle by Kazimira Sidorckevich
The Messiah is coming
Danse macabre
Four gifts
In the puddle I see the ocean


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Pictures of the paintings: Sergrei Didyk