Sound track for the painting:

Didula. Dedication

Aroma for the painting:
myrrh, incense, rose Baccara

Taste for the painting:
olive oil


Technique: oil on cardboard

Dimensions: 49 х 34 cm

Style: Positive Synergism
Private collection


Gifts, spiritual gifts… mean the same as a natural ability or talent, i.e. endowments, which are given by the Holy Spirit… Some people willingly accept charismata, but some ignore… Everyone knows the edifying Biblical parable about talents..., and about how the talents might be buried… 


However, there is another, also edifying, parable…


Once, a spiritually aware old man, after many years of an upright and godly life (helping people, imposing self-restraint, and praying), became enlightened in his relationship with God… Therefore, one day he decide that justly deserved a reward and made his way to the Lord for his requital.

God received him kindly, listened to his story attentively, and agreed… Yes, he does deserve! Only one question… what gift in particular he would like to get… Without taking his time, The Enlightened asked for a gift of healing; he got it with gratitude, and, completely satisfied, made his way back home.
On his way, he met a dervish having a rest by a dusty road… Little by little, they fell into talk… When the wise dervish heard what gift his interlocutor had received, he smiled ruefully in response… ‘Well… you probably made some poor choices… You should have asked for the most precious gift – the gift to see own vices’…
Probably, it is the gift, which is reflected in a Russian saying as follows: do not blame the mirror for your bad looks...


Crystal symbolizes Spirit and intellect, as well as an outstanding merit.


The rose is a symbol of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the sunshine, beauty, and love.


A pretty round box made of white nephrite with a jade top, which reminds of a legend about a curious Pandora, who, out of simple curiosity, opened the box given to her as a present from Zeus, releasing all the evils of humanity and leaving only Hope inside once she had closed it again… However, if you have Hope, you should not worry about mischiefs and mishaps, should you…
This closed precious box also symbolizes Knowledge (Secret Knowledge) – really excessively refined, undeniable, highly esteemed and cherished, fortune of great value and price…


In general, this picture makes a serious, urgent, and heartfelt appeal to be powerful, i.e. to be efficient and capable of having the necessary ability, knowledge, and skills to do everything successfully.
Realize the full potential of your talents and abilities, ambitions and positive wishes! 

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Pictures of the paintings: Sergrei Didyk