Sound track for the painting:

Chris Spheeris. Carino


Aroma for the painting:

Christian Dior. Tendre Poisin

Taste for the painting:
pear, green apple, and kiwi jelly










Technique: oil on cardboard

Dimensions: 34 х 49 cm

Style: Positive Synergism
Private collection


Above the sail against the afterglow pale skyline,

I’ll kindle fire of the guiding star.

Like sunshine in the morning on the drops оf dew,

With its unfailing help, I’ll come to you.

And emerald green eyes

Will give a tender welcome,

And emerald green tears

Will ask my hands to cup.

And passion uncontrolled

Will tremulously hug my treasure:

'Hi, my clumsy happiness,

The one I adore and love!’     

B. Gogulan 


Emerald is a talisman of poets, artists, and musicians that is thought to inspire them. Legends reveal that the gem was giving assistance to Petrarch, Dante, Byron, and Pushkin…
Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin regarded his emerald ring of great value… Remember his ‘Guard me, my talisman’?
The psychophysiological effect of the bright green colour on the human is in general very positive: it is calm and naturally cheerful, refreshing and moderate; it gives the feeling of soft, comfortable, secure, and decent serenity… It has the mystical capacity to have an effect on flexibility, plasticity, elegance, and grace of someone, that presupposes happiness and a long life…
This precious stone also symbolizes spring and youth, fertility and good spirits, reminiscences and hopes, morning and evening twilights…



August 16


Today the autumn has begun.
But autumn leaves have not yet fallen,
And we have not been garlanded
So far with autumn rainfalls.
And crying cranes are not migrating yet
In drizzle clouded large wedge shapes.
And apples are still growing on the branches,
That nearly are touching grassy groundings.
The choky smoke is not yet hurting eyes,
The morning doesn’t rime yet.
However, we are yearning to gulp in
The viscous, smelling hot, red wines.
To bundle up with feet on comfy sofas,
Without even wish to sleep.
Just reading lazily huge books with illustrations

And being lost in distant cozy dreams.

B. Gogulan

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Pictures of the paintings: Sergrei Didyk