Sound track for the painting:

The Seasons. April. P.I. Tchaikovsky.

Lilies of the valley. Lyrics by O. Fadeyeva; music by O. Feltsman; singing N. Dorda

Aroma for the painting:

Christian Dior. Diorissimo

Taste for the painting:
a Golden Delicious apple


Technique: oil on cardboard

Dimensions: 49 х 34 cm

Style: Positive Synergism
Private collection


The apple became a symbol for temptation, the fall of man and the salvation… It is also associated with health and life stamina.
In Scandinavian mythology, Gods are nourished with apples growing in the gardens of their legendary Asgard.
In China, the apple symbolizes eternal youth, fertility, peace and beauty! 


The radish indicates success and means that friends will be excessively kind, and your work will make the surest stepping-stones to success… In other words, it means that your hopes will never be dashed!

The lily of the valley symbolizes the returned happiness…


The rainbow promises blessedness; to those who are in love, it says that their happiness will be complete.
The rainbow is also a sign of a tremendous success in any undertaking!


Moreover, all this is absolutely true! Isn’t it a tremendous success and happiness to get such a present from your teenage son on your birthday?



To Mom on April, 2


Green fragrances from the flowers in the red.
Atop I see the edge of clouds melt.
The blade is causing itching in my nose,
On top of it, I smell the garden scent in dewdrops!
My arms are small to envelop,
And words fail me to check it off:
Red poppies, roses and globeflowers,
From school ABCs wattle bouquets for Mother,
Cammomiles, spelt and just sedges,
Which used to be high in the field by our country cottage hedges;
Beneath the acerose leaves, there’s uneven bedlinen,
Of valley lily flowers leaned against the tree stems,
Which are so white, lovely, and ripened.
Everything is united, and warmed up by the sunshine around. 
On this special day, let it illuminate your home and house!

                             B. Gogulan


The First … Meaning what? The painting? The flowers? The lyrics? Love? … Altogether!
Because the number 1 is the most significant spiritual number symbolizing beginnings, unity and integrity; being the embodiment of the sacred entity, and thus, is associated with the Sun, health, prosperity, and safety. It brings success in new undertakings, and keeps one concentrated on the focus of achieving the desired results.





Music by O. Feltsman
Lyrics by O. Fadeyeva
Singing N. Dorda
Translated by Em Rostverg

You have brought to me today
Not a bunch of lush roses,
Neither tulips, nor just lilies, -
You have handed timidly
Very modest flowers,
But they're so lovely.

Lilies, lilies of the valley, -
Hello from the merry May.
Lilies, lilies of the valley, -
A white bouquet.

Their outfit isn’t bright,
But the scent is gentle quite,
Spreading the spring charms.
Like a song without words,
Like the very first love,
Like the very first date.

Lilies, lilies of the valley, -
Hello from the merry May.
Lilies, lilies of the valley, -
A white bouquet.

I don’t believe that years might
Quench the feelings sometimes -
I am of a different view.
I believe that each year,
Even if a hundred years pass,
You will give me in spring days

Lilies, lilies of the valley, -
Hello from the merry May.
Lilies, lilies of the valley, -
A white bouquet.
Lilies, lilies of the valley, -
A white bouquet.

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