Sound track for the painting:

Chris Spheeris. Psyche


Aroma for the painting:
freshness and cleanness

Taste for the painting:






Technique: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 45 х 50 cm

Style: Positive Synergism
Private collection


Everyone knows the Square by Kazimir Malevich… - one of the ‘main suprematistic forms…, which, stimulating the further elaboration of the suprematic system, give birth to new suprematic elements’… The square of a black swallowing abyss...

This painting is THE POSITIVE SYNERGISM’s response to SUPREMATISM (or maybe it is its successor?)… the sphere of the perfection aura, which contains Soul, i.e. ψυχή – in Greek, Psyché – in French and Psyche – in English… The chakras’ colours are singing a cheerful melody with childish words, ‘You can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing along with me! RED and YELLOW, NAVY and GREEN! PURPLE and ORANGE, and BLUE!’…

The other words are also connected with childhood: Kazimira is the first name of the painter’s mother; Sidorckevich is the painter’s granny’s last name, who was also of Polish origin, and, like Kazimir Malevich, was born in February (in her biography there was also a confusion with the birth dates: in different documents it could be February 29 or March 1)… Such a suprematistically confused and synergetically positive… mystical link … Or simply… metaphysics? ...

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