Yin energy

IV stage of Love:

Sensual Love

Sound track for the painting:

J. Strauss, Jr. Vienna Waltz

Aroma for the painting:
Lancôme. Mille et Une Roses

Taste for the painting:


Technique: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 49 x 60 cm

Style: Positive Synergism


Sensual Love is a carnal love… It is passion, which flares up like a match, a fire …, bursting into flames…
However, this gratification of the physical (sexual) appetites is in no way an animal love of the flesh or body, i.e. sex without love…


Though the infatuation is spontaneous and uncontrolled, and is aimed at satisfying sexual desires and lust, it brings about joy and delight, strong emotions and creative revelations…


The irony of Marilyn Monroe’s fate rooted in the fact that ‘being identified as a goddess of love, she died from lack of love she badly needed’… That is true, she was the goddess of the Sensual Love, and died from lack of the Dignified one…



Among those who represent this stage of love should be mentioned - Roger Vadim, Alain Delon, Nicole Kidman, Aristotle Onassis...







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Pictures of the paintings: Sergrei Didyk