From the movie Officers

Music by R. Hozak
Lyrics by E. Agranovich
Singing V. Zlatoustovsky

Equirhythmic translation by Em Rostverg 



Sometimes names of the heroes

Were untold in the days of yore.
Those engaged in a mortal fight

Just became terra firma and grass…
Though the fearless courage of them

Settled firmly in those who remained. 

The eternal flame with which they entrusted us,

We keep deep inside.


Take a look at my fighters -
The whole world knows these heroes by sight!
In formation the battalion stands -
And I recognize faces of friends.
Though they are hardly twenty five,
A hard way they have had to pass.

They are those who as one rose to bayonet attacks.

Those who took  Reichstag!


You won’t find Russian families

Without own heroes and heroines.

And the eyes of young soldier-boys
Are still looking from old faded shots…
Their look is the only Judge

For the boys who are growing up now, 

And we have no right to lie nor deceive them even once
Nor support the vice.


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Pictures of the paintings: Sergrei Didyk