Music by M. Fradkin
Lyrics by Y. Dolmatovsky
Performing V. Hursenko, E. Vlasova

Equirhythmic translation by Em Rostverg




Short is the night,

Clouds sleep in the heights,

And the hands, unfamiliar to me,

Lightly rest on my shoulder and palm.


After alerts

The town’s sleeping, unhurt.

But I heard the waltz’ sounds of music

And dropped here in for a while.




Even though it’s the first time I see you

And my home place is far… far away,

I feel as if again

I'm happy back home…

In this big empty ballroom

I’m dancing with you.

Come on, tell me a word -  

I don't rnow really what.


Let's make good friends,

Let's sing and dance.

I completely forgot how to dance

And I ask to accept my advance.


The morning’s calling forth,

Again, we are setting off…

And marching away from your town

I’ll make sure to pass by your doors.




© 2015-2023 The Institute of the Sun
Pictures of the paintings: Sergrei Didyk