Sound track for the painting:

V. Vysotsky. Here paws of the sptuce trees are hanging and trembling


Aroma for the painting:
bird cherry and lilac

Taste for the painting:
bread soup with raisins and whipped cream









Technique: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 45 х 60 cm

Style: Positive Synergism
Private collection


Laine these days is a very rare Estonian proper name and a widely used common noun, which can be translated into English as a wave

By the late 1960s, the vocal ensemble Laine and its founder and first creative director Gennady Podelsky, Honored Artist of the Estonian Soviet Republic, became very popular with the general public. Their two songs Navy blue dream and Helmsman, Boatswain and the Captain were noted above all… Though, in both of them topics were the same – the sea, its surf, which is not just “blue but navy blue”; “a navy blue dream”, and “if the miracles and wonders beckon you to travel to remote lands, sure, Helmsman, Boatswain and the Captain will extend a helping hand!”…


How whimsically all these merged together into one lady, Laine Belovas by name, principal of a privileged Swedish gymnasium in Noarootsi (a small settlement of ethnic Swedes in Estonia), which she founded with the highly esteemed participation of Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia from the Bernadotte dynasty… Laine wanted it so much, she had A DREAM, and she made it true so cozy and so decently in an old Estonian manor, a rotting building, which eventually became dilapidated under the weight of farmers’ potatoes stored there for too long… But it used to be “before”… Now it is a splendid mansion and a place of pilgrimage for Swedish schoolchildren and ambassadors!

However, you know, “it is not the gay coat that makes the gentleman”! The gymnasium is distinguished by its education, the treatment and instruction offered…
We know quite well, why the wind blows… - Because branches are quaking… Same about a wave… it makes the sea rise… And in spiritual metaphysics, the sea symbolizes Mind…
Laine, as you have already noticed, is a star… Moreover, how many other stars she has lit up herself… It just takes the breath away!


Laine, translated from the French means woolen, i.e. soft, warm, light, and flexible… And this can be easily applied to Laine, too!
In addition, she is shy, modest, reserved, and vulnerable… in “a palace where the reedpipes are trilling”.., where “bird cherries get dried like laundry in the wind” and “it rains lilac blossoms” (V. Vysotsky).







V. Vysotsky

Equirhythmic translation by Em Rostverg
Here paws of the spruce trees are hanging and trembling,
Here birds are anxiously tweeting.
You live in a spellbound forest alone,
From which to escape there’s no way.
Let bird cherries get dried laundry-like in the wind,
Let it rain lilac petals in abundance -
Anyway, I will take you away with me to…
To a palace, where reed pipes are trilling.


Your world is secluded for thousands of years
By wizards from sunlight and me.
And you think that there is no happier place
Than this land, enchanted forever.
Let no dew on the leaves in the morning appear,
Let the moon be not friends with the skyline -
Anyway, I will take you out of here
To a tower with a balcony facing the ocean.

What day of the week, and at what exact time
Will you cautiously come out to meet me?
And when will I carry you off in my arms
There, where to detect you there’s no way?
I will steal you, if stealing appeals to your heart, -
Have I squandered in vain so much vigor?
Please, agree to, at least, Paradise in a hut,
If someone has just rented the tower and palace!
Please, agree to, at least, Paradise in a hut,
If someone has just rented the tower and palace!




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