Sound track for the painting:

Måns Zelmerlöw – Heroes - Eurovision 2015 Sweden

A. Schnittke. Declaration of love

Chris Spheeris. Lovers and Friends

Aroma for the painting:
Marc Jacobs. Daisy

Taste for the painting:
wild strawberry


Technique: oil on caedboard

Dimensions: 49 х 35 cm

Style: Positive Synergism
Private collection


49х35см… However, there are no small-scale, i.e. insignificant, paintings!
The daisy is associated with the element of Earth; the sun – with the element of Fire; the wind – with the element of Air; the rain – with the element of Water…
The Daisy asks, ‘Do you love me?’ – The Earth generously nourishes the flower, The Wind is gently blowing flower petals along, The Rain is caringly watering it, The Sun is shining and keeps it warm…
Isn’t it LOVE? If you don’t agree, count the petals! …


By the way, daisies are a symbol of fidelity...



V. V. Mayakovsky
(Backbone Flute)

«My love,
like an apostle of olden days,
I’ll carry a thousand thousand roads down.
Eternity for you has fashioned a crown,
and in that crown just three of my words
spell rainbow hues of my shudders».


(Unfinished lyrics. The last. Without punctuation marks.)

«She loves me? She loves me not? I wring my hands

breaking off fingers

and scattering them

the way people tear petals off

daisy chains in trouble

and release them to the May wind in a game of the guess

let scissors and razor reveal my grey hairs

Let the silver of my years amassed ring out the old days

I hope and believe it will never approach me,

your shameful common sense»


Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky was a Good Looker, Great Mind, Treasure, Genius, Titan, and a Natural disaster… at the same time lacking so much in confidence … Remember the ring of Solomon with the inscription ‘Everything is passing… And this will pass…’ Sure, it will! Especially when it concerns one of the greatest poets of the 20th century, a playwright, director, artist, and actor, who wrote poems, wrote and directed plays, appeared in films, edited the art journal LEF, and created agitprop posters… And what is even more important, he was the creator of a new special and original Soviet culture that raised generations of Soviet people with the philosophy of Heroes of The New Time, who ‘will do what’s good, and will never do what’s bad’; who know that it doesn’t matter whether you are a banker or a fabricant, what really matters, it’s whether you ‘are good or bad’, because ‘different mothers are in need, different mothers are valuable indeed’…
Lacking confidence? ... Maybe, with all his merits and accomplishments, he was just lacking the Napoleon complex… Once Lilya Brik, mentioning his extremely unusual strength, asked him why he never used it… His answer was short, ‘I am afraid to kill someone!’
True, he was strong, powerful, very sensitive, easy to hurt, and deeply loving…


«Forthcoming people!
Who are you?
Here I am,
bruise and pain.
To you I bequeath the fruit garden
Of my grand inner self.»


Wherever he is now, let the petals of the daisy catch his sight… so he could know this for sure: he is loved, LOVED, LOVED! ... How can be it otherwise?


Remember another inscription on the aforementioned Solomon’s ring? – ‘Nothing is passing…’ It is also true! Therefore, our favorite, ardently beloved Poet, Soviet classic, and the greatest revolutionary of his time… is steadily pacing now… into ETERNITY!

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Pictures of the paintings: Sergrei Didyk