Sound track for the painting:

Richard Clayderman. Solitaire


Aroma for the painting:
hesperis matronalis

Taste for the painting:









Technique: oil on canvas, modeling paste

Dimensions: 63 х 82 cm

Style: Positive Synergism
Сollection of The Institute of the Sun


Everything of creativity, as well as of love, ‘has already been said’! There is even a domain of knowledge – heuristics – which studies ‘mental activities in the process of easing functions of the cognitive load while creating’.


This is the Matrix of the Creativity Egregore!


We already know that creativity is a spiritual process, which differs from other actions or processes of bringing something into existence by the use of original ideas and getting original results…
None of the sunsets may copy another… It might be brighter or lighter in color or shade; containing more or less red and orange pigments… It depends on how the Sun shined through the atmosphere warming up the Earth's surface within a day…
Creativity depends on the extent of a creator’s devotion to Divine ideals in the process of creativity… It depends on how a creator listens to his heart; whether his creation induces empathy and serious thoughts; and if a creator feels satisfied giving pleasure to others…
At its core a creator’s credo is to pave a new path (no matter if it is even thorny!) into the Unknown making unrevealed liaisons with the Eternity… And, as Henri Matisse used to say, 'it requires courage’!


The ocean’s surface of the Mind brings us tranquility and happiness… We already know (thanks to Creator Alexander Pushkin) that ’serving the Muses bears no haste’… and ‘magnificent should look stately’… 
And ‘perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away’, as wrote Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, also a remarkable Creator…

Ocean... (Remember another Creator... Alexandre Blok?) - "without end and without limit... Without end and without limit the dream...!" As well as the realm of creative fantasy and the potential of creativity...

It happens that a Creator (a so-called Creator!)... complains about the lack of freedom to create, freedom to choose... - Nonsense! A real creator cannot be deprived of freedom! Because "CREATIVITY IS FREEDOM... INNER FREEDOM..., THE PARADISIACAL PURITY OF THE SOUL... Because in these hours and moments (when you are engaged in Creativity) you are like GOD... like GOD... like THE LORD..." (Dina Rubina. The Porcelain Undertakings)


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Pictures of the paintings: Sergrei Didyk