Sound track for the painting:

Didula. Waterfall


Aroma for the painting:
Lancôme. Trésor

Taste for the painting:
mango fruits









Technique: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 75 х 105 cm

Style: Positive Synergism
Private collection


In the first half of the previous century Valentin Katayev wrote a fairy-tale, which is extremely popular with Russian kids – Rainbow Flower. In the story an absent-minded girl, Jane by name, could fulfill her wishes with the help of a ’rainbow flower’, every time tearing off one of the petals – each of a different color of the rainbow – to make her dream come true. That is what Success is – making your wishes come true, achieving something you really want!

This is the Matrix of the Success Egregore!

The first petal, like in the rainbow, is red – the color of life, power, and courage. Can you imagine Success without power and courage? But even this is not enough... If in the Epoch of Pisces, the Water Element, a successful human had to be ’like a fish in water’... Now, in the Epoch of Aquarius, the Air Element, an epoch of innovators, a successful human should have his head in the clouds and fly, like a bird!

This petal is very important as it symbolizes beginning – ’well begun – half done’ – and is connected with inspiration, without which hardly anything will come out! And inspiration is when you can do anything... just a moment, you’ll jump up and fly away!

’25 is just only beginning...
It is only a hop from the Earth!
And when spreading your hands,
Like the wings, for the gliding,
You can feel the beginning of what...’


The car also symbolizes life... and man following his path! People often measure success of a person with the make and year of the car... And let it be Aston Martin or Tesler – very stimulating!


What’s that on the petal? Is it sunset or sunrise? – Both together and something in between – Day and Night, or vice versa... Twilight... like Revelation, The Truth, Dao or The Golden Mean... – The True Way of Success!


The second petal is orange – a favorite color of people with intuition, as well as the color of passionate dreamers. It is also the color of Buddha, who insisted on wearing this color, which is why Buddhist monks to scare off negative energies wear exactly orange robes. – Buddha also called upon us to smile and enjoy life... ’With a smile the day becomes a little brighter, with a smile the rainbow in the sky will grow’... – Incurably and systematically lucky people prefer this color in their outfit. It is the main color of Success!


The mirror on the petal, sure, refers to ’the rule of the mirror’ – ’what goes around, comes around’! Though some might think of it as an allegory of evolution according to A. Surikova, ’The monkey turned into the human when burst out laughing looking at itself in the mirror’!
The yellow rose also symbolizes success and... as a Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote, ’A yellow rose was a flower of success, as well as a sign of jealousy, as it was more known...’ And there is no contradiction: to become successful one should get rid of jealousy!
Yellow roses also serve as a symbol of warmth, sun, and health. How can someone enjoy success without good, robust health? Though it’s a secret! – since the rose also symbolizes mystery and secrecy... The origin of this symbolic meaning traces back to the Greek mythology: Cupid, the god of erotic love, gave Harpocrates, the god of silence, a rose to bribe him not to betray the confidence of Venus. Therefore the ceiling of Roman banquet rooms were decorated with roses to remind guests that what was spoken ’sub vino’, under the influence of wine, was also ’sub rosa’ – under the vow of secrecy.
So, if you seek Success, please, keep a secret until the moment comes!


The third petal is yellow. It symbolizes cheefulness, and also life. It is an actively exciting color, which excites liveliness and attracts our attention. This is the color of sunshine, spring flowers, corn, honey, amber, gold… Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote that ’yellow always embodies light’.


In Greek and Roman mythology yellow is the color of Apollo, the god of medicine and healing, light and truth. In China yellow is the color of the emperor – during the Jin dynasty only the emperor was allowed to wear robes of this color. Warm hues of yellow symbolize an indestructible marriage.


The sea symbolizes Mind; a calm sea – clear mind…


Success also presupposes achievement of good results… whether in studies, professional sport or just passing-time-jogging… when the brisk wind is licking your cheeks! And pertaining to the Air Element wind will symbolize different manifestations of human spirit – in literature of the Hellenistic period the wind is used as the image of freedom. And with money also pertaining to this Element, the image represents underlying intimate bonds between one’s freedom and wealth.


So, with a fair wind, stable marriage, and complete freedom (no contradiction!) one can easily wind oneself up at Success!


The fourth petal is green – the color of spring, ripening, vegetation, growth, fertility, nature, hope, and also freedom… Quite often green symbolizes continuity and immortality – no wonder that people mean both when saying ‘evergreen’.


Green connects natural and supernatural… and, consequently, money in many countries is of this color.


The bottle of perfume symbolizes Heart and Soul. To be successful someone should, of course, emit faint fragrance rather than a heavy pungent odor. Light fragrance characterizes an advanced soul; it should be classy, delicate, charming, and delightful… - for many, it is Lancôme perfume. On the contrary, the Soul with the meaning of Spirit, should display a strong, fighting and competitive spirit, which should be well cooled – therefore the ice cubes – and well balanced. Alcohol, ‘spirits’, pictured in the decanter before you, is a reference to such souls.


The bee was supposed to be never asleep, and, thus, symbolizes eternal vigilance. Bees also gather honey, and, so, mean prudence, economy, and thrift… Exactly with this meaning bees are used on the banks’ courts of arms.
But more often the bee symbolizes diligence and eagerness, without which one can hardly achieve Success… You are busy and feel satisfied – that is Success!


Quite often Success and Fortune are easily mixed up… Fortune is well explained in Ecclesiast:

‘not the agile one is on a fortunate run,
not the brave one comes to victory,
not the wise one gets bread,
not the clever – wealth,
not the skillful – blessing,
but time and chance for everyone’.


Fortune is ‘time’ and ‘chance’ (and those, “who lose their chances grow gloomy, become stout, and start grumbling“...)! It is something external, depending only indirectly on us. Success is both, external and internal, and in many respects depends only on us. Success is when you use all of your talents and take all of your chances!


Though it is also important not to overdo and turn from the way of ‘the golden mean’… That is why here comes a warning from the fairy-tale Dragonfly, ‘Man evolved from apes not to become the work-horse later on’!

‘Sages know that business is subject to the caprice of man,
but when man becomes subject to the caprice of business –
it is disgrace and harm’!

                         Rabindranath Tagore

Success should not be exhausted to death and reduced to naught!


The fifth petal is blue – the color of the truth, fidelity, innocence, and, in the Christian tradition, -justice. This God’s color is also associated with Jupiter, Juno, Amon, Ra, Vishnu, and other gods. It is a color of Dao, The Holy Path, - the symbol of supernatural, incomprehensible, and miraculous… like a performance on stage before a numerous demanding and grateful audience. Success also includes becoming famous, getting a high social position, and enjoying a well-deserved recognition! It is when you nearly lose your senses to complete the chosen act and are rewarded with heaps of flowers… And it’s a mystery – the rose, and it is fun – poppies! And it is a true Success!


The sixth petal is indigo, the color of the sky and the sea, height and depth. It symbolizes peace, tranquility, loyalty, permanence, and perfection. All these virtues are extremely important for Success!


The story of Aladdin is a classic example of the ‘rags-to-riches’ story: from lowly beginnings a protagonist achieves an initial success in life, traverses a major crisis, in which all seems lost, and finally triumphs over adversity to achieve a stable and enduring success. This final success is only possible because the hero has learned a degree of inner maturity by going through the crisis. Aladdin’s first success came to him too easily and was not based on his own efforts, but those of the genie’s, who helped him; his despair at losing the princess and the palace to the evil sorcerer changes him… First comes humility, and then, as it runs in Bible, ‘God’s fear, wealth, grandeur, and life’. Now he possesses the knowledge how to attain the aims. The true strength and wholeness he finally achieves by making his own efforts to succeed are rewarded with the re-establishment of the relationship with the princess. Isn’t it a true and complete Success?


The seventh petal is purple. This color ‘speaks’ about utmost emotionality, great sensitivity, developed spirituality, and extraordinary delicacy. This is the color of harmoniously advanced and dignified people. However, it proves to be expedient to remember that
nothing is more dangerous and evil
being under the selfish weary yoke
of the dignified’!

Rabindranath Tagore

And be careful with the swing, like with Success, don’t push it too hard!

And remember: successful is the one, who "holds the Fate's straps very tightly in the hands"..!

Seven petals, one is smoothly transformed into another, each wish to be continued with the next. The symbols become sophisticatedly interwoven, their meanings sometimes repeated, sometimes doubled, or combined. The images are superimposed making a flowery pattern of the kaleidoscope – ever changing patterns never repeat and are as numerous as stars in the sky, or as our wishes… And we live as long as we cherish them!


The painting is filled with sunshine and the rainbow’s glare…


Sunshine is the most ancient cosmic symbol, which is the main and absolutely popular with any nation on the planet, meaning the sacred origin of life, the source of life, and the power.


The rainbow refers to the Sun, The Holy Light and Sacred Truth! In nature the rainbow can be seen after the thunderstorm, rough weather, accompanied with the bright sunshine, much light, and in complete calmness and peace, like in real life, when after the challenges taken, the true Success comes. And the extent of the effort made to achieve it defines greatness of this Success!


P. S. Success is achieved by those who think in terms of Success!
And Success does not come to you; you go to it!

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Pictures of the paintings: Sergrei Didyk