Sound track for the painting:

Charles François Gounod. Ave Maria. Celine Dion

Franz Peter Schubert. Ave Maria. André Rieu and Mirusia

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 'Elvira Madigan' Piano Concerto No. 21 


Aroma for the painting:
the smell of food evoking the feelings of childhood

Taste for the painting:
sweet milk (like Mother's)








Technique: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 37 х 54 cm

Style: Positive Synergism
Private collection


Years pass, centuries, millenniums… Epochs change… The whole of human civilization changes… There is only one firmly fixed, biologically determined by the human race reproduction, division of the humankind into males and females, into fathers and mothers… 


This is the Matrix of the Motherhood Egregore!


It seems stupid to ask a kid, whom he loves more – mum or dad… The majority of them will answer, ‘Sure, Mum!’ – She was gestating her treasure for long nine months, then she cried out because of her labor pains and the agony of giving birth, afterwards breast-feeding, and now giving added protection, tender caring, wise instruction, and patient teaching..., eternally without enough sleep, quite often without enough food, exhausted with tiredness and forgetting about own needs… That is what a Mother’s Instinct is!


There are lots of exceptionally beautiful female names, and among them the one, which is super extraordinary..., because it belongs to the mother of Jesus… and its meaning defines the very essence of motherhood – ‘magnificent’, ‘strong’, ‘full of resentment, grief and woe, feeling chagrin’, ‘disobedient’, ‘enlightening, ’ a woman in a position of authority’, ‘God’s beloved’…


However, it does not matter what name Mom has.., Elvira or Maria.., in her… you will see Madonna, like in Elvira Madigan you will hear... the echo of Ave Maria... (Will you?!) And it seems logical enough... The fans of the useless scholastic subtleties are well aware of the fact that in the transcedental world the category of time does not exist, meaning that the reason may be in the future, and the consequence - in the past (in our everyday banal sense); so, it elementary turns out that the work of Charles Francois Gounod could have an effect on the work of Franz Peter Schubert, and it, in its turn, could influence the work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, though in reality the opposite was true... And thus, it is also not suprising that "Elvira Madigan", Piano Concerto No. 21, was written by Mozart, who passed away 76 years before the birth of this famous Danish circus actress... You see, how easy the metaphysics of the Miracle can be explained! 


So, what does the painting tell us about?

Firstly, it tells that any Mother is always ready to sacrifice everything for her Treasure, Sunshine, Nestling... (Remember the parable about Mother's broken heart?) and pronounce the words of Aleksey Tolstoy (Remember Maroosya from his trilogy The Road to Calvary?), "Take my life and make Happiness out of it"..!

And as long as Mother lives and prays for us, we live a blessed happy life, because we are kids! 

And secondly, we owe an unpayable debt of gratitude to our parents, which we return to our children; and the debt taken from the parents of our parents we return to our grandchildren... It also tells about the impact of the future on our past, which we can change with our present... And also that somehow we all and always feel guilty about our Moms... and we can atone the guilt only with... being happy at present!

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