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W. A. Mozart. Dove Sono (Le Nozze di Figaro) - Opéra de Paris Bastille. Barbara Frittoli. November 2010 

H. Villa-Lobos. Bachianas Brasileiras No.5. Maria Callas

H. Villa-Lobos. Bachianas Brasileiras No.5. Galina Vishnevskaya

C. Spheeris. Elektra


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Yves Saint Laurent. Nu

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Technique: oil on canvas, glue color

Dimensions: 60 х 80 cm

Style: Positive Synergism
Сollection of The Institute of the Sun


 In contemporary philosophy Yin is the collective image of all forces in the universe that have their origins in the earth. It is dark, cold, and moist feminine origination – calm, downward seeking, and in taking…

This is the Matrix of the Yin Egregore!

The feminine energy is considered to be linked with the Anakhatah chakra, which corresponds to the emerald color. So, no wonder that in the centre of the Matrix one of the most emerald gems – the Columbian one from the Colombian Emeralds International – is showing bright, and changing colours in the vintage frame studded with De Beers diamonds of extreme purity… - ‘What can be more seductive than purity?’

Since antiquity the diamond has been symbolizing wealth and innocence, faithfulness and loyalty. According to the oriental belief, the diamond embodies chastity and purity, invincibility and a happy lot. Astrologists think that this precious stone pertains to the Sun and Venus, and therefore it favors females! The emerald protects fidelity and stimulates long living.

But female ‘kind-heartedness’ is more likely to be illusion, since a real color of the female energy is indigo – the coldest one. Consequently, Lyubava, a female with the ideal Yin, is wearing a satin ‘robe’ of an indigo color. Lyubava is an ancient Slavic name meaning – beloved… Who can dare not to love the noble ideal?!

Though altogether there are four female ideals, each corresponding to the female archetypes:

Isida – the archetype of a kind, caring female, whose primary aim in life and vision of happiness is well-being of her family;

Hator - the archetype of an energetic, emotional, and independent woman, whose priority is to love and be loved – otherwise she loses her femininity, looks, and health;

Maat - the archetype of a woman, for whom to keep order is everything;

Neftida - the archetype of a naïve, spontaneous, nice, caring only for herself female, who, in any event, should learn to care for others and love relatives, forgetting about herself.

A female of each archetype has to overcome her karma, achieve her own aims and, thus, find true happiness.

But any woman, without any exclusion, has a huge problem to tackle: how to bring the energy of righteousness, love, and deep, strong and warm affection down to the earth… The world should not be cruel, and only the female can complement the man’s hardness, severity, swiftness, and force!

… Yin is often symbolized by the earth, fertility, open, young, passive, calm, soft, nature, sadnessLupine is exactly a symbol of sadness. The poplar symbolizes hope, happiness, and good luck! Cornflowers symbolize fidelity; the same probably mean Lyubava’s eyes of the cornflower color, in which the flowers reflect!

… And in the fields and meadows we can hear fantastically beautiful satin, Dugazon and Galli-Marie type, light mezzo-soprano or La Divina (Divine), the legendary soprano Maria Callas – a truly female voice timbre!


Listening to Singing

Anna Akhmatova
(Equirhythmic translation by Em Rostverg)
Like the wind, a female voice is in the air,
It seems black and moist, confined by night,
And the things it lightly touches -
All become completely otherwise.                                                      
It floods all with diamond glares,
And for instant something silvers up,
With its enigmatic satin dressing,
Which is rustling very loud.
And incredibly unusual powers
Carry forward the spellbound voice,
As if in future there’s no my grave awaiting,
But the stairs to the heaven source.

Anna Akhmatova wrote this poem, being treated in hospital after a third heart attack, when she heard the young soprano Galina Vishnevskaya, performing Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5... And she lived her life for another 5 years...

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Pictures of the paintings: Sergrei Didyk