Sound track for the painting:

E. Morricone. Moses Theme

S. Rachmaninoff. The Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor, Adagio sostenuto

Marc Streitenfeld. Wisdom (A Good Year)


Aroma for the painting:

Shiseido. Relaxing Fragrance

Taste for the painting:
unflavoured stone ground wheat crackers with crystal pure water







Technique: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 60 х 80 cm

Style: Positive Synergism
Private collection


Wisdom is neither day nor night; neither mountains nor plains; neither heat nor cold; neither sorrow nor bliss; neither youth nor old age, but all these together… The Thinker by August Rodin, Christ by Ivan Kramskoy, Jesus by Alexandre Ivanov, Albus Dumbledore by Joan Rowling… you, him, her, them, us, me… – at the moment of divine revelation…

This is the Matrix of Wisdom!

What is The Giant thinking about – neither Godlike yet, nor human any longer…? About heavenly places…? What is he being told by Silence and Tranquillity…? Or is he mutely praying to Saint Sophia, Mother of Faith, Hope, and Love…?

While practicing Zen Buddhism a student at a certain level of advancement is tested by his Teacher, ‘Thirty clubs if you want to say something, thirty clubs if you have nothing to say… How to resolve a dilemma?’ – A Sage might solve it easily: ‘remain silent because you have something to say!’

‘A man of knowledge likes the sea, and a man of wisdom likes mountains, since, like the sea, troubled and restless is a man of knowledge; and, like mountains, serene and undisturbed is a man of wisdom’…

Since antiquity people knew that scientia potentia est… But we also know that ‘much knowledge is a poor substitute for wisdom’! – So, what is Wisdom then?

Wisdom is Dao, the Path! For, as Confucius put it, ‘The golden mean is the nearest position to wisdom; not to reach it is the same as to pass it.’ He also mentioned that three ways could lead to Wisdom:

‘a first being reflection – the most noble way; a second – following someone’s example – the most easy way; and a third one – own experience, through making own mistakes – the most bitter way’.

It is common knowledge that the more talented is someone – the stronger temptation he has to overcome… And he really needs great strength and huge will power to resist the force of temptation!

So, Wisdom is not ‘much knowledge’, but thorough knowledge and deep understanding… It is knowledge, clear mind, skills, experience, virtues, courage, will, and great strength!

Avicenna, a Persian physician, philosopher, and scientist, said about Wisdom,

‘They say about wisdom: it’s invaluable, but for the world it’s not worth a brass farthing’.

Never mind! It is the pinnacle of earthly success, isn’t it?... And what can be higher and more valuable than this?!


In other words, Wisdom is just to live.., i. e. to be born, give birth to and raise children, wait to meet grandchildren and leave this world with dignity and grace, at peace with oneself and the loved ones...

Real Wisdom is a very high and light energy, so light that one can barely see it…


P.S. «Wise people are not numerous. Wisdom is being accumulated gradually by those who are not susceptible to praise and reject falsehood. Years pass, and suddenly you reveal inside yourself absence of former wishes and understanding of your place in life. Naturally comes self-restraint, caution in the actions, ability to foresee the effects of them, and you see that you have become wise...» I. Yefremov. Thais of Athens

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