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L. van Beethoven. Piano Concerto No. 5 (The Emperor Concerto)


Aroma for the painting:

Bvlgari. Omnia crystalline

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Technique: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 65 х 87 cm

Style: Positive Synergism
Сollection of The Institute of the Sun


Glory is ‘fame, praise or honor that is given to somebody because they have achieved something important’, - and the greatest glory is won by the one who lives according to Omar Khayyam’s wisdom: ‘do not let my name be honored, but let my lips confer an honor on your name!’- … or by the one who has come to this knowledge himself! Glory, victory, triumph make a synonymous link as it might seem at first sight. However, triumph comes as a result of victory, and a prolonged triumph brings Glory, which, unlike fame, is something convincing, stable, and forever!

This is the Matrix of the Glory Egregore!

The palm is the main symbol of Victory and Triumph, which also symbolizes durability and peace. Its origin goes back to Egypt and Mesopotamia, later on borrowed and recognized by Ancient Hellas. The winners at the Olympic Games along with the victor’s wreath made of olive leaves were also given the palm… first, because it was too exotic for ancient Greece, and second, because it meant wishes of health and referred to ‘live long’.

The leopard, or snow leopard, or lynx, is used in Bible as a general symbol of the predator: ‘there will be time when the leopard will come to peace with the lamb’… The leopard symbolizes bravery, quickness, stamina, power, and grandeur! It also symbolizes ferociousness and readiness to fight with any enemy, even on his own. No wonder that the alpinists, who have climbed the peaks of 7000m and higher, are called ‘snow leopards’!
Like all the felines, the leopard is secretive, unpredictable, curious… and playful! Though the cat is tremendously courageous! – Excellent symbol for Glory!


Cacti… higher than a human height… and Glory is definitely even higher and greater… As once a lady said to her friend complaining that her son had presented her with a cactus, ‘the symbol is very simple: the cactus is as strong and hardy as mother, and, like her, protects from negative energies’! And moreover it is fruitful…


Glory means blossoming and fruitfulness as a result of one’s choices, both right and not! – A wise man can reap the benefit of any experience! As Dante Alighieri rightfully said, ‘lazing about in the feather bed, one cannot win the glory!’ The ‘lazing about’, as Mikhail Lermontov put it, ‘sink into the waves of oblivion’… But the Matrix of the Glory Egregore has burst into dense, lush, and riotous vegetation!


The fern symbolizes sincerity. But we know that frank people are very vulnerable… People, but not Triumpher! – As Mother Theresa used to repeat, ‘If you are honest and sincere, people can deceive you. But all the same be honest and sincere!’ And if you are a leopard never put on a lamb’s skin!


The meaning of the dove is well known…


So, how the incompatible symbols of the predator, ferociousness, peace, and comfort fit in together? – It is like in Ludwig van Beethoven’s music… striking contrasts between force and affectionateness, power and repose… Glory is achieved when the one does not already need to use his teeth to show his might:


‘The one who knows people is prudent…
 The one who knows himself is educated…
 The one who wins a victory over someone is strong…
 The one who wins a victory over himself is mighty…
 The one who takes a victory over his might is sacred!’

Tao Te Ching

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Pictures of the paintings: Sergrei Didyk