Sound track for the painting:

G. F. Handel. Dignare. D. Hvorostovsky

A. Bilk. Stranger on the Shore


Aroma for the painting:
Chanel. Cristalle

Taste for the painting:
red wine with bilberries or olives








Technique: oil on canvas, modeling paste

Dimensions: 65 х 85 cm

Style: Positive Synergism
Сollection of The Institute of the Sun


It is difficult to give a simple and unambiguous answer to the question what integrity and dignity are. Looking it up in a dictionary you will find the following definitions:


  • presence of poise and self-respect in one’s deportment to a degree that inspires respect;
  • inherent nobility and worth: the dignity of labor;
  • the respect and honor associated with an important position;
  • a high office or rank
  • plural: the ceremonial symbols and observances attached to high office; used chiefly in the phrase the dignities of office…


  • the quality of having strong moral principles;
  • the state of being whole…

There is semblance, though, sure, not complete… Dignity pertains to external manifestations and corresponding situations; it means being respected for who you are and what you believe in… Integrity presupposes, first of all, inner adherence to moral and ethical principles; it is maintaining self-respect and honesty (which is also closely connected with these two concepts under consideration: honesty is when you tell the truth; integrity is the validity of the truth (or standing morals); honesty is being honest to someone - you can be honest without integrity but you can’t maintain your integrity without being honest)…
So, our personal sense of integrity may include elements of dignity… But, please, don’t mix dignity and integrity with careerism and unscrupulous ambition, which means someone’s readiness to pay for dignity with integrity, i.e. to pay for honor and respect with moral principles…
And if someone achieves this level of personal development – the level of soundness of moral character and honesty, this quality and state of being worthy of esteem and respect, - the person can never ever lose his/her integrity and dignity. Remember Ridley Scott’s movie, Gladiator, and general Maximus Decimus Meridius in chains?
And there is nothing more repulsive and shocking than “savages in tuxedos” - an educated (in Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Moscow University, Sorbonne…) moral ignorance! Remember Commodus, the ambitious son of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, from the same movie? 


This is the Matrix of the Dignity and Integrity Egregore!

The eagle symbolizes bravery, faith, victory, and power. It is a symbol of might and splendor. It also symbolizes Resurrection. Legend has it that every decade the eagle rises as high as the sun, and then falls down plunging three times into the waters of the sea… Therefore Baptists use the image to mark a new life. In a church on the lectern, where The Book is put, the eagle with spread wings is depicted to symbolize sacred inspiration and holy power.

The eagle is a proud bird, which can soar pretty high overhead. But what is it in comparison with eternity of mountains and infinity of oceans? – Just a grain of sand…
The eagle flies higher than the dove, but it is the latter one who symbolizes The Holy Spirit… It’s all relative, isn’t it? And it is Dignity and Integrity, when someone understands this relativity and minds it.
When a dove with an olive leaf in its beak returned to the Ark, Noah knew that the waters of the Great Flood subsided, and it was a sign of God’s forgiveness meaning that the terrible trying ordeal had been underwent. Man comes to Dignity and Integrity also after undergoing an ordeal – after getting rid of greed, stubbornness, martyrdom, jealousy, envy, hypocrisy, prodigality, irritability, and vanity… Remember The Devil’s Advocate movie with Al Pacino’s, ‘Vanity is my favorite sin’? ...


Dignity and Integrity refer only to someone or something of High Quality! No wonder that one of the world’s most famous brands associated with High Quality, American Express, has Integrity in the list of the company’s values, and the list rests on the table of each employee…


A dignified and integral person is the one who never, even in his mind, can behave basely… and not in any event can be arrogant or humble. And he doesn’t care if he ‘inspires respect’, since he is already – like the eagle – beyond it, over and above…


The pine symbolizes integrity and completeness, eternal youth, and living long… Never mind that the day has reached its close – when old hopes fade, new ones come true! Twilight… is the mark of the day’s end, or the beginning of a new one! – It is a happy mean, the moment of revelation! The sun has gone down… the circle has ended… But tomorrow is a new day, and judging by the sunset… even much better!


“Dignáre, o Dómine, die isto sine peccáto nos custodíre”… "Keep us in dignity, O Lord, save us from temptation!" 

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Pictures of the paintings: Sergrei Didyk