Sound track for the painting:

Q. Ratliff. The Ranger’s Waltz


Aroma for the painting:
the smell of freshly baked breads

Taste for the painting:
French wheat breads with butter or milk









Technique: oil on canvas, modeling paste

Dimensions: 55 х 75 cm

Style: Positive Synergism
Сollection of The Institute of the Sun


Wealth and Richness is opposite to being on the bread line and asking for bread, but being given a stone... It means a large quantity of something, which is more than enough. For example, you need a shirt and, maybe, another one for a change, but you have a third one, too, - for special occasions! Or, you have three islands: one in the Mediterranean, one in the Caribbean, one in Oceania… and another one, which is beyond any measure, - in the Antarctic… If it doesn’t belong to anyone, why can’t it belong to you, especially in your mind?

Wealth includes money, factories, islands… Richness includes health… friends, love… good luck, beauty, roots, upbringing, education, and all possible talents – from clairvoyance and healing up to playing the bagpipes and card games. So, one might be well-to-do but not rich, or vice versa…

This is the Matrix of the Wealth and Richness Egregore!

Wheat has always been symbolizing welfare and living in abundance. A field of wheat tells everybody of prosperity and stability, when someone has not only daily bread, or bread and butter, but has his bread buttered on both sides.

A sheaf of wheat is a very popular symbol, which is quite often used in heraldry. Even the term ‘heraldry’ cropped up from the French ‘gerbe’ meaning ‘sheaf’. – ‘Agreed, and good as wheat!’ (M. Twain, ‘Tom Sawyer’, ch. XXVIII). In Christian art, wheat symbolizes bread of communion, since at the last supper when breaking bread Jesus said about it: ‘This is my body!’ With this meaning the sheaf is also an emblem of unity. – ‘United we stand, divide we fall’!

The thistle… In Roman mythology Ceres, the goddess of harvest and the patron of fertility, makes a torch to burn out of dried thistles. And those days the thistle meant sin, grief, and curse. Ages passed, and already in the eighth century the Danes tried at night, barefoot, secretly to steal through to the Scots, but got stuck in the thickets of thistles. Their shouts woke up the Scots, and thus the Danes suffered a shameful defeat. Hence the wording ‘Nemo me impune lacessit’ means ‘No one can touch me without being impaired’! Exactly this inscription along with the thistle appeared on the British court of arms in 1702 – ever since the thistle symbolizes a trustworthy protection.

In the sky there are three ‘hearts’, the Trinity, – triple blessing… and one big love from above.

The swallow symbolizes coming of spring, new life, regeneration, hearth and home, comfort and happiness. The Hebrews of ancient Palestine called the swallow ‘dror’, which meant ‘freedom’ – Wealth and Richness imply Freedom, both inner and outward.

Along with the swallow a circle is being made in the sky – a symbol of unbreakable unanimity, infinity, and harmony!

The clover is a very favorable sign of easy accessibility of all your dreams. And ‘in clover’ means living a carefree life of ease, comfort, success, and prosperity. The power of the clover surrounds a weak human spirit with care, protects it and feeds, regenerating its own power. It also removes any forms of immaturity and thus facilitates advancement, destroys fears for the future, removes fatal failures and spells.

Dandelions symbolize unquestionable truth; chamomiles – peace and love; water lilies, like lotuses, belong simultaneously to several Elements (Water, Earth, and Air) and, like the bird Phoenix, are able to be reborn from ashes.

Cornflowers mean simplicity, being one of the four most powerful and mysterious plants. A field with cornflowers is not only beautiful, but also very useful for the field itself, for crops to-be, for man. The plant can free a human body of sleeping evil spirits and demons.

The achillea millefolium causes favorable changes and cures broken hearts. Poppies mean fun, not as a result of ‘alcohol, and other reasons’, but as a result of a happy life, in which everything is the way you want to!

Bluebells symbolize permanence. Let Wealth and Richness be not only safe and solid, but also permanent!

All of the above mentioned are the symbols of the qualities pertaining to the opulent lifestyle or the qualities that a person, a family, and any other union should possess in order to achieve and, more important, to deserve Wealth and Richness, since ‘only the deserved happiness lasts, and no curse is worse than the underserved happiness!’

P. S. Wealth and Richness come to those and then, who and when have learnt to separate the wheat from the chaff! And Richness and Wealth guarantee your family Hearth and Health!

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Pictures of the paintings: Sergrei Didyk